Transformational Tuesdays!



Motivation.In.Action (MIA) is excited to present Transformational Tuesdays – A Criminal Justice Reform Speaker Series – featuring our founder and criminal justice reform advocate, Geneviéve Jones-Wright and local advocacy group San Diegans for Criminal Justice Reform.

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See what people are saying about Transformational Tuesdays!

That was absolutely amazing! I felt like I was in church. I do need to work on forgiveness in my own family and the people that did what they did to my son. I left there different than when I came. I felt like that was just for me. It’s amazing how God sends people in your life for such a time as this, yourself included.

Hello Geneviéve! I want to say thank you for last week’s Transformational Tuesday highlighting the Tariq Foundation. I left that meeting feeling a variety of emotions because pieces of their stories are topics that are too familiar to me. I’m so glad Russell invited me. Keep up the phenomenal work!

I watched Transformational Tuesdays and it was truly amazing. Applause all around for that presentation.

I like coming to [Transformational Tuesdays]. I learned that it is okay to forgive even if it’s painful. A lot of things they were talking about is how I felt when the guy shot my cousin and my house. He wasn’t sorry so I just left it alone and I never forgave him because he wasn’t sorry.

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